Assessment practitioners will be glad to know that training on the 16pf® Questionnaire is now available online.

The 16pf® hardly requires introduction. With decades of data behind it, it is a valid and reliable personality assessment used to predict future behaviour and performance.

As a psychologist and psychometrist in Africa you are not required to attend certification training in order to be able to use the 16pf®. However, due to its complexity you might still wish to upskill yourself before using it. Especially if you are applying it in high-risk contexts such as executive selection.

We are now offering an eLearning course to assist you in understanding and mastering the 16pf®. This training course consists of a number of videos, each followed by a few questions, which aim at cementing your knowledge.

By the end of this course you should have gained a deeper understanding of the 16pf® and be able to confidently use this assessment for the purposes it was designed for.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: History of the 16pf®
  • Module 3: Psychometric properties
  • Module 4: Global and primary factors
  • Module 5: Administration and scoring
  • Module 6: Profile interpretation and feedback
  • Module 7: Practical applications and ethics
  • Module 8: Case study


  • Cost in South Africa: R 1 372.14 Incl. VAT, including courier.
  • Cost in other African countries: USD 95, including courier costs

What you get:

  • Access to the eLearning course
  • Technical User Manual (electronic)
  • JvR Training Manual (electronic)
  • Case study (electronic)
  • Interpretive Strategies (electronic)
  • 16pf® SA Bias Investigation (electronic)
  • 16pf® Technical Supplement (electronic)
  • 16pf® Interpretive Report (electronic)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Five CPD Points (Pending)


“I have completed the online training. It was a wonderful experience. The videos are clear and use simple language. They also cover the material systematically and coherently. Even a person with no prior personality research background can easily follow the history and mechanics of the 16pf®.”

“The training gives a comprehensive guide to the understanding, interpretation and reporting on the 16pf®. The case study assists in cementing the knowledge at a practical level”


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